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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Product rave: Natural Collection tinted moisturiser.

Hello all :)

I'm gonna get straight to the point.  Natural collection's tinted moisturiser is absolutely amazing.  A few weeks ago i had rediscovered this product. I decided to use it more often because my skin has been suffering quite severely with dry skin & patches of acne, so something more lightweight on my face like this product was defintaly what was needed, rather than my usual rather heavy foundations. 
I love the fact that i don't have to wear a moisturiser underneath when using this (i can be quite lazy like that) and the product glides on my face so smoothly giving a nice medium coverage (pretty much doing the job of a foundation but with the bonus of being more breathable!).  I am also surprised about how long it stays on my face. I can go a whole days work and my skin will still be glowing from it.
I'm not sure as to whether this product is gonna be loved by everyone. Some may not like the consistency (can be a little runny) and the shade ranges are not  brilliant. 
If your looking to achieve a more natural lightweight touch to your skin, I would definatly say give this a whirl! :)

You can buy this product at your nearest boots store or online at for just £1.99! (Amazing right!)

Just to be clear - all opinions are that of my own & i am not paid by companies to review products.

Has anyone else used this wonder before? Or can recommend other tinted moisturisers i can try? I'm looking to find an everyday slightly darker one that i can wear in the warmer months!

Lots of love,

Kelly x


  1. I've tried this before its not half bad for a day in the sun! Thanks for following me, lovely blog you have here. Just to let you know I'm going to do a post on eyebrows for you soon :)


  2. lovelovelove this product it is so good for the price! infact the whole natural collection range is a bit underated! :) got some good posts on here i'm enjoying the read! - just started up the other day. x


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