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Thursday, 15 March 2012

My adorable new shoes :)

Hello all!

As it was such a beautiful day on sunday, me & my other half decided to go on a nice walk around some gorgeous gardens & have a picnic. We had to walk through the town centre to get to the gardens, so on the way I decided to have a cheeky little look in primark. (My boyfriend HATES going shopping with me.)

I rushed straight upstairs to the shoe department as i knew exactly what i was looking for....these cuuuuute shoes. I think they are called boat shoes, but i can't clarify that.  I have seen a few beauty gurus have these shoes..i knew that i just HAD to have a pair.  Come on, could you resist these?

I absolutely love the colour combo on these and the little detailing is so nice :)
I always hear of the amazing bargains people get from primark, but i'm not always lucky enough to find much that I like. However, this time I saw so many things that I wanted to get. Ranging from pretty vintage style blouses to chinos.  I shall be going back to primark in a few weekends time to go on a proper little shop, so I  shall be preparing my wardrobe for all my new goodies by throwing out items that i do not want anymore.
Watch this space..there will no doubt be a big haul soon ;)

P.S..I know it was cheeky of me to have neglected my blog for so long. But my lame excuse is that I have been busy with work/travelling etc. :)

Have you managed to find any great items in Primark lately?

Lots of love,

Kelly x


  1. love them! definitely want this colour and the grey/pink ones too x

  2. Love the shoes! They do have such lovely detailing
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. This shoes look really nice. x

  4. Oh, they are truly adorable;-))

  5. ooh they are soo nice! great Primark find :)
    thankyou for following my blog btw sweetie <3


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