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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gladiator sandals for a FIVER!

I know that some of you may think - why are you buying sandals at this time of year in the UK?! You must think i'm a little bit crazy. Well, on saturday whilst browsing in my local New Look store, i spotted these gorgeous pair of gold gladiator sandals that had been reduced to just FIVE POUNDS. I was amazed to find that they had my size and they had a few pairs left. I absolutely love wearing gladiator sandals, my pair from last year had to be thrown away as they had pretty much had it because i wore them so much. I think that they are an essential staple in the warmer months, I personally like to wear them with long flowy dresses or a nice pair of skinny jeans.  For these reasons..i had to pick this pair up, i know that i will not find a pair anywhere else that is as cheap as these!

Roll on summer when these cute un's can be on my feet in the sunshine :)

Other purchases i picked up this weekend were some purple storage boxes from pound stretchers as i needed something to store all my jewellery neatly.
Lately, I have been breaking out into spots, so decided to buy some new products to add to my skin care regime. I got the clean & clear morning energy daily facial wash to use in the mornings, as it was half price and also Oxy's on the spot gel to use in the evenings after cleansing my skin.
If either products turn out to be anything amazing then i will most probably do a review on them :)

Hope you have all had a good weekend!

Lots of love,

Kelly x


  1. Bargain! I got some great stuff from NL yesterday and scarf for 2 reduced from 10!

    take a little peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  2. love the golden sandals... so versatille... bring on the summer! x Marina

  3. Wow, great bargain find, can't wait to get my summer sandals on again :)


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