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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What a LUSH review! Glögg Shower Gel.

Hello lovely people! :)
This is my first review of a product so I thought I would write one of a product from one of my favourite shops ever...the wonderful world of LUSH!

At the beginning of every season, I always head in to lush to have a glimpse at their new products and every year I am never failed to be impressed with their christmas selection.
The Glogg shower gel somehow caught my eye..mostly due to the fact that it contains cinnamon - one of my absolute favourite festive smells. When I opened the lid of the tester bottle I really did begin to feel very chistmasy! The smell is so warming and I felt as though I could just eat it!

Now..i have to say..i'm just a little bit fussy when it comes to packaging. The product comes in  3 different sized bottles which is very convenient - 150g, 250g or 500g in the usual black and white outer packaging. I know it shouldn't matter too much but I would have preferred it if the christmas addition products came in different coloured gold or red and green.  (That could be just me though..I will instantly buy something if i'm drawn to cute packaging!)

I chose to buy the 150g sized bottle simply because it was the cheapest and I am on a budget..what with it coming up to christmas n all.  I love how you get a choice of size from means that you can try a small sample of a product first without wasting too much money if you end up not liking the product.
Anyway... I first used this product on my hair as a mask after using my regular shampoo and conditioner.

I left it on for approximately 2 minutes and it lathered up in my hair really well.  I loved the smell it was giving wasn't too strong at all.  
When I washed it out it left my hair feeling really smooth which was great. I tend to leave my hair to dry naturally over night, so the next morning I was A M A Z E D at the condition of my hair! It looked and felt very silky and soft and I could still smell the cinnamon in my hair for the whole day.
One other thing I must add, I didn't use this as a shower gel because I wasn't too keen on the consistency for my it isn't thick enough.

Overall, I would recommend Glogg to anyone that loves warm festive cinnamon smells. If you want your hair to look amazing then I would really give this a go :)
I hope I haven't rambled on toooo much! If anyone has any recommendations of new lush products or if you want to share your own thoughts on Glogg..then please comment below! :)

Thanks for reading beauts!

Lots of love,

Kelly  x


  1. great post by the way :) I am looking for a new product and i love LUSH we have just had a store open by me so alot of their products are on my Christmas list :D great post xx

  2. Awh lovely review!
    Glad I found this, starting the new year I really wanna start using LUSH products so this is reallly convieniant! :)
    Great post! Keep it up!

  3. I love your blog! I followed! Please check out mine and follow me? Thanks so much! !


  4. i love it!I will try it as soon as I can (:
    have a nice day,


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