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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Elf Haul.

Hey everyone :)  Before I get started on showing you my elf haul, I just want to express the fact that i am SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!! (4 sleeeeps to go girlies!)

Anyway..about a week ago I decided to have a browse on the elf website. For anyone that has never came across the elf website before, it is a place where you can buy cheap but good quality make up and beauty tools. (Ideal for anyone that is on a budget like me!) Elf stands for eyes, lips, face and I do believe that the US and Ireland have their own elf sites so it is great that the products are so easily accessible for most people. I have purchased some products from this website before and was pretty impressed with most products and the speed of delivery was really good also.
I decided to treat myself to some more products as a little treat to myself for christmas..and the fact that I was able to get 30% off my order as part of the 12 days of christmas offer made it very hard for me to resist!

Before purchasing these products..I looked into various reviews about each of them on blogs and youtube etc and most of them seem to get raved about alot which is great.
These are the lovely products I decided to get......

All over colour stick in the colour Persimmon.

Swatch of colour stick. Adds a nice pinkish silver toned shimmer to cheek bones & brow bone.

Lipstick in the shade "Classy". A pinkish toned berry colour which is perfect to wear in winter.

Studio eyebrow kit in medium. (To replace my GOSH version, which ive hit pan on!)

Eyeshadow brush from the £1.50 range.

Blending eye brush from the £1.50 range.

Eyeshadow C brush from the studio line.

Complexion brush from the studio line.

Nail polish on the shade "Mod Mauve." One of my favourite shades, perfect for this time of year.

Nail polish in the shade "Mango Madness."  I bought this as I thought it was a lovely summer shade that I could wear on my holiday next year :)

I am yet to try out all of these products..but one thing that I cannot rave enough about are the nail polishes. They are sooo pigmented and look amazing even with just one coat. I love love love them.

If you would like an indepth review on any of the products mentioned then please comment below :)

I have seen that Elf currently have a 40% off code at the moment so go take a look and grab yourselves something nice girlies!

Lots of love,

Kelly x


  1. Great post! I ordered from ELF about 2 weeks ago but have not received my package yet! Your post just got me excited for my order to come in.

    New follower:)

  2. Is the gosh eyebrow kit any good? I very nearly picked it up today! :-)

  3. @Lindsay - I haven't tried it yet as i'm still using my GOSH one, but i'v heard lots of good reviews about it! I'll let you know when i start trying it out :) xx


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