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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Little bit of a haul! : Primark, Superdrug & F+F.

Good afternoon lovelies! :) So yesterday, i decided I would treat myself to a little bit of retail therapy. Now i didn't buy an impressive amount, i had a lot of christmas shopping to pay for. Anyway..these are the little bargains that i managed to nab...

Firstly, i made a little trip to tesco. All clothing was 25% off and I was very impressed with the range they have out at the moment.

I spotted this amazingly pretty floral scarf and I knew it just had to be mine! It is the type of scarf that can be adapted to all seasons & it goes with the majority of my outfits so i know i'll be getting plenty of wear out of it.  What made this scarf even more better? The fact that it was reduced from £7 to £4! Total bargain.
When browsing through the sale rail I found this very chic cream 3/4 length sleeved top.
I did a lot of debating over whether or not to get it because it was a size 14 and I normally wear either an 8 or a 10. As the top seemed quite small I decided to risk it seeing as it was reduced to an awesome £2!  I am so pleased at how well it fits me and I love how it is the sort of top that can be worn casually with leggings or dressed up by tucking into a skirt or shorts. I especially look forward to wearing it in the summer months as I think it would look gorgeous with a tan! :)
Afterwards, I ventured into superdrug as there were a few essentials I needed to pick up.
Now..i tend to travel most weekends when I go to visit my boyfriend and it gets quite annoying having to carry bulky things around in my luggage bag. So to make things easier for myself, I decided to pick up a face wash & cleanser that I can leave at his house.  I picked up Superdrug's own tea tree & witch hazel face wash & all in one cleanser & toner.
I had heard a lot of good reviews about these products so i thought i would try them out.
I tend to get spots quite often, so hopefully the tea tree ingredient will help to banish them completely! I will let you know how this goes :)

I then also picked up some TRESemme hair spray. I don't like to use a lot of heat on my hair but for the occassions that I do, I need a good quality hair spray.  I was looking for one that will add shine to my hair but hopefully not leaving it all hard and sticky like quite a few I have tried in the past.
Once again I have heard a lot of good reviews about this product so I really want to try it out for myself.
I got mine in the number 4 (and it was the pink one so I just had to have it!)

Lastly, I went into the amazing PRIMARK and forced myself to only get one thing as I was supposed to be christmas shopping.  I picked up this gorgeous pair of vintage looking earrings for a bargainous £2!
I love these so much and will no doubt be wearing them all the time as they match lots of items I own.
The primark I visited had a lot of good stock in yesterday so as you can imagine..i had to drag myself out of there before I went on a massive spending splurge.

Thank you so much for reading beauts!
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

Lots of love,

Kelly  x


  1. I love the earrings :) they are soo cute:) I love primark you can get sooo many bargains in there :) xxx

  2. Yeah i'm so glad I found them!
    I love your blog :) xx

  3. love the earrings!!I bought them too a month ago!! <3

  4. Oh those earings are gorgeous! x


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