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Sunday, 27 January 2013

No7 money off vouchers

Whenever I find a discount code online or given a money off voucher to do with anything fashion or beauty related, I always feel as though I have to spend it. In my opinion, they are a great way to buy things you wouldn't normally be able to afford.

When I was given a fair few money off vouchers from boots this month after some little spurges (oops!) I managed to restrain myself from buying things that I didn't really need.
The vouchers consist of £3 off No 7 make up and £5 off No 7 skincare. I did manage to bag myself 2 packs of the forever raved about make up wipes and an eye make up remover as these were necessities for me.  The wipes are very wet and have a neutral fragrance to them, making it easy to take off any excess make up with them.  I believe that the eye make up remover is a fairly new addition to No 7 and so far, I am quite enjoying using it, as it seems to take off the majority of my eye make up, even stubborn mascara!

What wonderful No 7 beauty buys have you managed to pick up with these vouchers that are floating around?


  1. I feel exactly the same, as soon as anything has a discount I need to find something to buy, whether I need it or not! xx

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